Agent Marketers – Do They Really Care About Your Interest?

Insurance industry can be regarded as one complicated world. Insurance that used to be a simple concept now has developed in to vast category with multiple further specializations and classifications. Why because it is the need of the day.

Initially insurance started as single concept the insurance companies used to have different departments dealing in life, home, health or business insurance. If you look at some decades back you would see companies emerging especially in home, life or business insurance. This industry has grown so rapidly that now probably you would even find a company only specializing in pet insurance only. Insurance companies face cutthroat competition of getting business. Now you would receive calls and emails every day from insurance agent for giving you the most competitive rates and quotes for your or your business coverage.

Insurance Agent marketers can be most annoying too sometimes since they do have their targets for business generation and that’s the most important factor that you should keep in mind while considering any company or its agent marketer.

You do need insurance agent because they are the ones who completely understand the complicated world of the insurance. A right professional not only gives you the right advice and choice for the right coverage policy but can also get you the cheapest insurance quote with respect to risks associated with you or your assets.

There is no doubt that and an insurance agent can really turn things for you when it comes to finding the right and the most effective policy but you need to know the exact position of your insurance agent. First of all you need to know whether the agent that is planning and devising the whole insurance coverage policy for you and your family happens to have a captive or a non captive status of his employment. In fact this is very big and important factor to figure out whether the specific insurance agent is best for your interest.

A captive insurance agent is the one who is bound with a specific employer whereas the non captive is the one which works independently with many insurers or insurance companies.

Now that’s obvious that the captive insurance agent will always portray his or her insurance company as the most appropriate for you, your family or your business needs regardless of what you need. The way careers work in insurance industry is that almost every independent agent starts as captive insurance agent by working with one insurer. Now these captive insurance agents do learn a lot of about the industry and they happen to know each and every detail of the policies and loop holes of their insurance company.

In some cases after spending reasonable time as a captive agent marketer and switching from lots of insurance companies they end up as an independent insurance agent. Now the total decision making depends on you, its best to look for an independent agent who comes with lots of experience and if you can’t find one, then its best to go for a captive one as he or she happen to know the most about their companies internal policies and actual practices.

Further it also always to best keep updated with all kinds of insurance news and happenings as these things help you lot while choosing an insurance agent for your needs.

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Insurance Agent Marketing – What Determines the Best States

You of course want to become a top insurance marketing pro. Your territory may consist of the entire nation or a region of states. Whether you realize it or not, each state has its own “personality”, making certain states easier for a marketing firm to recruit agents. Without knowing the best states for insurance agent marketing, you will very well likely find your insurance recruiting campaign a failure. Knowledge is golden. Recruiting 101 states: “Insurance Recruiting & Insurance Agent Marketing fails when you try to turn losers into winners.”

You will be shown below how this beneficial information is formulated.

Secrets revealed. Listed for you is the insurance marketing information obtained to determine the ranking for insurance agent marketing in each state. Insurance agents were analyzed over and beyond normal boundaries in preparing this marketing report. An immense insurance agent database was closely evaluated looking for trends, statistics, and figures. Next viewed were a state’s health and life insurance agents as to how many brokers they have.

This info is closely compared to the demand from insurance company recruiting directors, regional recruiters, brokerage firms, wholesalers, independent marketing organizations, and state managing general agents. Next required factoring in a large amount of the most current economic, Also important is to consider the feedback results received from recruiting firms that mail insurance agents in that state.. Look at the chart below, this shows just 30 of the areas used to analyze and rate the states as accurately as possible for insurance agent marketing rank.

A few other factors supporting the ratings are the number of large metropolitan areas in a state, the impact of career life insurance training agencies, the frequency of fraternal life insurance organizations. Additional knowledge we consider is the impact of super captive multi-life agencies (AAA, S.F, Nationwide, Farm Bureau, Allstate, etc.) along with multi-line independent agencies in farming states. Some states are 5 years ahead of most for insurance marketing. Yet others are 5 years behind most for insurance agent marketing conditions.

30 Areas Evaluated before determining a state’s Insurance Agent Marketing Capability.

1. The insurance marketing demand for that state

2. Total State Population from census data

3. Shifting Amount of Population Change

4. Residents per Square Mile

5. Life/health Agents per thousand residents

6. Total State licensed life and health agents

7. Total net agents statewide that broker business

8. Ranking of this state’s brokers versus other states

9. Largest State counties of life/health sales agents

10. Percentage of agents in five largest counties

11. Closely Estimating number of PPGA’s, General Agents, & MDRT producers

12. Producers in the state brokering Annuity products

13. Producers in the state brokering Financial products

14. Producers in the state brokering Life Insurance products

15. Producers in the state brokering Individual Health plans

16. Producers in the state brokering Group Benefit plans

17. Producers in the state brokering Senior Health plans

18. Producers in the state brokering Senior Life & Health

19. Total Producers brokering any form of health insurance product

20. The United States Senior population percentage average

21. The State’s senior population percentage average

22. Percentage of State residents with a high school diploma or equivalent

23. Percentage of State residents with a College Degree

24. Median Family Income in the state.

25. Median Family Income ranking compared to all states

26. Per capita money income per person in the state

27. Percentage of over $100,000 income, using latest census data

28. Percentage of jobs involving finance, insurance, and real estate

29. Percentage of firms that are minority owned statewide

30. Feedback results from insurance agent marketing firms

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don’t know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is.

Watch for his new paperback book debuting on Amazon this spring. It is loaded with great insurance marketing and recruiting information.

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